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In Austria, the "Österreichische Post- und Telegraphenverwaltung" (today: "Österreichische Post AG") had only in Vienna a Pneumatic Tube System for maildelivery. This network reached with 53 Postal Offices and 82,5 km tube length its peak in 1956, and was installed due to the inefficiency of the established telecommunication systems.

Empire and Republic to 1938

The system in Vienna came into operation at March 19th 1875, initially only for messages (telegrams) and express mail. In the beginning were ten post offices (within the present ring road) in a distance of 1 to 3km connected to each other with tubes. The Pneumatic Tube System had a length of 14 kilometer, of which 2,2 kilometers used for the connection to the compressors and air storagetanks in the Laurenzerbuilding at the "Fleischmarkt". The tubesystem continued to grow, untill in 1913 it connected 53 postoffices with 82,5 km of transporttubes. In 1902 the Pneumatic Tube System got new "Hanns Hörbiger" compressors installed.
At its peak almost 20.000 carriers were sent daily as a Pneumatic Tube Train, with a maximum of 15 carriers through the tubes under the city. The Pneumatic Tube Trains reached a speed of almost 50 km/h.

Time during the National Socialism 1938-1945

In the National Socialsm Period from March 1938 to April 1945, the same conditions applied to the Pneumatic Mail in Vienna as in the one in Berlin and Munich. Remarkable is, in the periode to October 1938 the original stamps of the Republic of Austria were used in combination with the ones from the German Empire.

Republic of Austria from April 26th 1945

In the Second World War the Pneumatic City Mail was badly damaged (only 7% of it was still in use), but very quickly returned to service. But it could never reach the number carried before the war. In 1950 they came to only 5500 items per day, and less than 2 Million transfers per year. This was in view of the length of the tube Vienna postal network too little. On 2 April 1956 stopped the Pneumatic Post due to a reduction in transport numbers and as a result of the increase of telephone coverage of the population in Vienna. Regardless this, the pneumatic tube system continues decades later to be used for the quick delivery of incoming urgent messages etc.



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