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Sturtevant Pneumatic Despatch Tubes Sturtevant Pneumatic Despatch Tubes

Advertisement from Sturtevant Engineering Co. Ltd. London, 1936.

"STURTEVANT PNEUMATIC DESPATCH of the single and double tube systems is the product of years of experience. It is the most rapid for transmitting messages, papers, cash, small articles, etc., between various points up to one mile or more apart, thus saving time and costly service.

Large Numbers or Sturtevant Pneumatic Tubes are installed if offices, works, factories, hotels, railway stations, shops, stores, ocean liners, warships, etc.

The All-British Despatch Tubes include many original features, such as the patented power economiser, patented carriers, and numerous unique designs of central desks, from the simple gravity type to the latest conveyor distributor.

Expert advice is gladly offered on any pneumatic despatch tube problem - also our publications Nos. Ac902 and Ac1904 sent or request."