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Air distribution system Pneumatic Mail London Air distribution system Pneumatic Mail London

Mains and pipe connections in Central Hall.

Air Pump Pneumatic Post London Air Pump Pneumatic Post London

Section of an air pump, with connections to the mains.

Central Hall Postoffice London Central Hall Postoffice London
Descriptive Sketch Pneumatic Tube System London Descriptive Sketch Pneumatic Tube System London

Descriptive sketch of the transit of telegraphic messages by pneumatic tube system from district offices to the Central Station.

Interesting sidelights on the work of the G.P.O. Interesting sidelights on the work of the G.P.O.
Map Pneumatic Mail London 1891 Map Pneumatic Mail London 1891

Diagram illustrating the pneumatic tube system of London, 1891

Pneumatic-Tube Room General Post Office London Pneumatic-Tube Room General Post Office London

Dated 1897