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Bands around a carrier head for addressing Bands around a carrier head for addressing
With the bands around the carrier head, the destination address can be set. Similar methode was used at the pneumatic city mail in Paris.
Hamburger Großrohrpost carrier filled with post Hamburger Großrohrpost carrier filled with post
Hamburger Großrohrpost engineroom Hamburger Großrohrpost engineroom

Note the man working in the background on the left of the photo, it gives an idea of the size of the installation.

Hamburger Großrohrpost station 11 Hamburger Großrohrpost station 11
Hamburger Großrohrpost station and carriers Hamburger Großrohrpost station and carriers
Lamson pneumatic tube carrier Lamson pneumatic tube carrier

Lamson pneumatic tube carrier.

Parisian Pneumatic Post Carriers Parisian Pneumatic Post Carriers

The destination address can be set with the bands around the carrier.

Patent Hamburger Großrohrpost Part 1110086 Patent Hamburger Großrohrpost Part 1110086

Für die in der angefügten Patentschrift dargestellte Erfindung ist in dem gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen Verfahren der

Fa. C. Aug. Schmidt Söhne, Hamburg

ein Patent erteilt worden, das in der Rolle die oben angegebene Nummer erhalten hat. Das Patent führt die Bezeichnung

Förderbehälter für Rohrpostanlagen

und hat angefangen 3. November 1959.

Patent Hamburger Großrohrpost Part 1110086 Abb.1 Patent Hamburger Großrohrpost Part 1110086 Abb.1
Patent Hamburger Großrohrpost Part 1110086 Abb.2 Patent Hamburger Großrohrpost Part 1110086 Abb.2
Patent Hamburger Großrohrpost Part 1122452 Abb.1-3 Patent Hamburger Großrohrpost Part 1122452 Abb.1-3
Patent Hamburger Großrohrpost Part 1122452 Abb.4-6 Patent Hamburger Großrohrpost Part 1122452 Abb.4-6
Prototype Großrohrpost carrier #1 Prototype Großrohrpost carrier #1
Prototype Großrohrpost carrier #2 Prototype Großrohrpost carrier #2
Prototype Großrohrpost carrier, advanced model Prototype Großrohrpost carrier, advanced model
Rohrpoststation Rohrpoststation

A carrier is waiting for transport at the top a pneumatic tube station. At the wall on the left side of the station a storage rack with more carriers.

Manufacturer unknow.

SEL pneumatic tube station and carriers SEL pneumatic tube station and carriers
SEL switchboard SEL switchboard
SEL switchboard 1/3 SEL switchboard 1/3
SEL switchboard 2/3 SEL switchboard 2/3
Unique pneumatic tube photo Unique pneumatic tube photo

This photo is a new print from an early 1900's glass "magic lantern" slide. I think it is a unique one, because it shows three types of transportation in one shot.

The man on the photo is sending a carrier in a pneumatic tube station manufactured by the Mix & Genest  company, which is probably connected to the Berlin pneumatic city mail system (Stadtrohrpost). I conclude this from the title of the slide "Rohrpost für fernbetrieb", translated: long distance pneumatic tube system.

At the left and right side of photo you see a pneumatic tube station for internal building transportation (Hausrohrpost).

And last but certainly not least, at the ceiling of the room there is a cash carrier wire system.

Mentioned at the slide:

"Verlag Dr. Franz Stoedner Berlin NW7
Wissenschaftliche Projektion und Stereoskopie

48923. Elektro.
Rohrpost für fernbetrieb"