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City Mail Plan Buenos Aires City Mail Plan Buenos Aires
A map of the tubes and stations of the Pneumatic City Mail in Buenos Aires in 1920
Envelope Buenos Aires 19-4-1934 back Envelope Buenos Aires 19-4-1934 back
Envelope Buenos Aires 19-4-1934 front Envelope Buenos Aires 19-4-1934 front
Pneumatic tube card Buenos Aires - 1920 Pneumatic tube card Buenos Aires - 1920

Pneumatic tube card with paid reply

Teilsending von rohrpostrohren zur verladung nach Argentinien Teilsending von rohrpostrohren zur verladung nach Argentinien

"Part of a shipment of pneumatic tube pipes for transport to Argentina"

Photo taken from page 102 of the book 100 Jahre C. Aug. Schmidt Söhne, Hamburg.