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Die Berliner Stadtrohrpost in der Zeit von 1933 bis 1945 Die Berliner Stadtrohrpost in der Zeit von 1933 bis 1945

Geschichte und Nachschlagewerk.

Writer: Paul-Jürgen Hueske
Language: German
First Edition: 2006

Handbuch - Bedarfspost Handbuch - Bedarfspost

Postschnelldienst Berlin
Berliner rohrpost 1948-1963

Writers: G. Steinbock & G. Decke
Language: German
First Edition: 1976

Luft-Züge Luft-Züge

Writer: Ingmar Arnold
Language: German
First Edition: 2000
ISBN: 3-89218-061-X

Magic lantern glass slide - Pneumatic Tube Magic lantern glass slide - Pneumatic Tube

An early 1900's magic lantern glass slide with in it a photo of a man standing in front of a Mix & Genest pneumatic tube station. Above him you see a "cash carrier wire system".
The photo must be taken somewhere in Berlin, Germany.

Verlag Dr. Franz Stoedner Berlin NW7
Wissenschaftliche Projektion und Stereoskopie

48923. Elektro.
Rohrpost für fernbetrieb

Postcard, Resi-Casino Berlin Postcard, Resi-Casino Berlin

Jeder einmal in Berlin, jeder einmal in "Resi"!

Printed at the back of the postcard:

"Das Ballhaus der Technik"

Im "Resi-Casino" würde nicht nür das Tischtelefon im Ballsaal und die Tischrohrpost erdacht, im "Resi" sah man auch zuerst die Wasser- und Lichtwunder.

Rohrpost at the Restaurant Resi Casino Rohrpost at the Restaurant Resi Casino
The Resi's most talked about feature were private telephones fixed to tables and various stations around the venue, where customers could contact other tables or flirt anonymously with other guests.
One could also choose from a menu of 135 gift items and have them sent to other guests via a pneumatic tube system (Rohrpost) situated between the tables.
Unique pneumatic tube photo Unique pneumatic tube photo

This photo is a new print from an early 1900's glass "magic lantern" slide. I think it is a unique one, because it shows three types of transportation in one shot.

The man on the photo is sending a carrier in a pneumatic tube station manufactured by the Mix & Genest  company, which is probably connected to the Berlin pneumatic city mail system (Stadtrohrpost). I conclude this from the title of the slide "Rohrpost für fernbetrieb", translated: long distance pneumatic tube system.

At the left and right side of photo you see a pneumatic tube station for internal building transportation (Hausrohrpost).

And last but certainly not least, at the ceiling of the room there is a cash carrier wire system.

Mentioned at the slide:

"Verlag Dr. Franz Stoedner Berlin NW7
Wissenschaftliche Projektion und Stereoskopie

48923. Elektro.
Rohrpost für fernbetrieb"

VPRO television guide VPRO television guide

In the Dutch VPRO television guide number 30 of 1998, the journalist Marten Minkema wrote an article about the destruction of the Pneumatic City Mail in large European cities.