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Old SEL pneumatic tube installation

These photo's were sent to me by the Dutch pneumatic tube supplier Ten Voorde. The photo's show a SEL installation in a Dutch hospital that was build in 1966. The photo's were probably taken before it was demolished and was replaced by a new system.

I don't have anything else to tell at the moment... Perhaps you recognize it and can give some more information? Please contact me and I will update this article!

SEL pneumatic tube station and carriers SEL pneumatic tube station and carriers
SEL transfer zone 1/3 SEL transfer zone 1/3
SEL transfer zone 2/3 SEL transfer zone 2/3
SEL transfer zone 3/3 SEL transfer zone 3/3
SEL switchboard SEL switchboard
SEL switchboard 1/3 SEL switchboard 1/3
SEL switchboard 2/3 SEL switchboard 2/3
SEL switchboard 3/3 SEL switchboard 3/3

Thanks to H. Ten Voorde Buispostsystemen for sending me these photo's.

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