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Lamson Airtube Systems brochure

"Increase production...

Throught Airtubes it is possible to match paper flow with material flow in the production cycle holding unnecessary down-time to a minimum. Shop orders and administrative instructions keep production workers fully and quickly informed"

More in this 8-page Lamson brochure...

Grover transitube brochure

"The economy and speed of Grover Transitubes have been more convincingly demonstrated in hospitals than in any other field. Their versatility, reliability and compatability with hospital procedure have made them a virtually indispensable part of every modern institution."

A brochure about Grover transitube terminals and more...

Grover pneumatic dispatch equipment brochure

"There is no magic or mystery about Pneumatic Tube equipment. It is just a matter of straight engineering skill and knowledge; engineering to design equipment that is efficient and troublefree; engineering to plan and lay out systems that best take care of requirements at a reasonable cost; engineering on the job to insure correct installation."
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Airmatic Systems brochure

"Today, AIRMATIC tube systems are dispatching all sorts of important items - written communications, data cards, test samples, small parts, medicines, bulky securities - to and from all parts of office buildings, industrial plants, hospitals, banks, libraries, even steel mills..."

You read and see more in this 8-page brochure.

Pneumatic city mail in the Netherlands

The city mail by means of Pneumatic Tube System, was an important phenomenon at the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The system was used to send large numbers of letters, postcards and small packages through the city.
In the Netherlands only Amsterdam and Rotterdam have been mentioned to have had such a facility...

The Berlin Residenz-Casino: the Resi

The Resi was the nickname of a vast, luxurious dance-hall called the Residenz-Casino at the Blumenstraße 10 in Berlin, Germany.


Old SEL pneumatic tube installation

Photo's of a 1966 SEL pneumatic tube system: station, carriers, transferzone and switchboards.


Hamburger Großrohrpost Patents

The German pneumatic tube manufacturer C. Aug. Schmidt & Söhne from Hamburg recorded patents on parts used in the Hamburger Großrohrpost. I have several of these patents in my collection.


Old pneumatic tube advertisements

In this article I show you some more old Pneumatic Tube System supplier advertisement and marketing documents.


Unique pneumatic tube photo

A nice discovery if I say so myself, I have printed the photo inside a magic lantern slide which I have recently bought on eBay. The photo shows in my eyes a unique scene.


A new life for the pneumatic tube system

The Italian company Pipe§net want to revitalize the pneumatic tube system which was used for the transportation of money and change in department stores. They want to use a magnetic field to let capsules with a diameter of sixty centimetres float and move in a tube system. Franco Cotana, a physics engineer of the University of Perugia, patented the system in 2003.

Why a website about Pneumatic Tube Systems?

When I tell others about my website, the first reaction is usually, 'Pneumatic Tube System, what's that?', often followed by 'Why precisely do you make a website on Pneumatic Tube Systems...?'

Remarkable discovery in the 'De Gruyter' Factory

The empire of the supermarket chain 'De Gruyter' in the town of 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands that at its peak had 525 stores and 17 food factories introduced in the fifties the Sweet of the Week: gadgets for the children of the customers. Farewell to a glorious era? No.

Old Pneumatic Tube Ads

In this article you will find old advertisements of various pneumatic tube suppliers out of newspapers and magazines. Perhaps some companies - whether or not in modified form - still exist.

French burglars vacuuming vault empty

Paris - Inventive burglars have used a new as effectively as possible method for emptying vaults of stores. In stead of welding machines or explosives the burglars use a powerfull vacuum cleaner.

Pneumatic Tube TV-Commercial

HOW FAR ARE YOU GOING FOR A COLD BEER? Very far. This can be seen in the TV commercial for Heineken. We look into how a couple gives a housewarming barbecue and proudly show their new home.