Pneumatic City Mail Hamburg Germany The Pneumatic City Mail in Hamburg was first used at 24 October 1864. In the 1960s is was replaced by the "Großrohrpost". 24-07-2018   01-08-2018
Pneumatic City Mail Buenos Aires Argentina The Argentine name for the pneumatic city mail is "Expreso Urbano". 24-07-2018   25-07-2018 Pneumatic City Mail Amsterdam The Netherlands Was there a Pneumatic City Mail system in Amsterdam? Or not?! For a long time I did not believe in it... But I did find proof of existence after all!! Information will be added soon. 09-01-2014   25-07-2018 The C. Aug. Schmidt & Söhne Company C. Aug. Schmidt Söhne is a factory and installation company for technical equipment from Hamburg, Germany. Since 1866 they also built all over the world pneumatic tube systems. 09-01-2014   10-08-2018 Hamburger Großrohrpost Patents The German pneumatic tube manufacturer C. Aug. Schmidt & Söhne from Hamburg recorded patents on parts used in the Hamburger Großrohrpost. I have several of these patents in my collection. 24-12-2013   23-07-2018