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Pneumatic Tube, Instrument Gallery "Pneumatic Tube, instrument gallery" 11-12-2018   12-12-2018
Opening of the pneumatic despatch tube at the Holborn end "The Pneumatic Despatch Tube: The Holborn end of the tube on the opening day." 11-12-2018   12-12-2018 First Dispatch of Mail-Bags through the Pneumatic Tube "First dispatch of mail-bags through the Pneumatic Tube from the district office in Eversholt-street to Euston station." 09-12-2018   12-12-2018 The Pneumatic Despatch "A company has been formed, under the title of the Pneumatic Despatch Company, for establishing in the metropolis lines of pneumatic tube for the speedy conveyance of letters and parcels..." 09-12-2018   12-12-2018 Pneumatic-Tube Room General Post Office London Descriptive sketch of the transit of telegraphic messages by pneumatic tube system from district offices to the Central Station and more. 18-07-2018   22-08-2018 The pneumatic tube's strange 150-year journey "Tubes have carried cats, mail, and people for a really long time. Vox's Phil Edwards leads the tour..." 08-04-2016   01-08-2018 Pneumatic Tube Mail London Great Britain Interesting sidelights on the work of the G.P.O. Pneumatic tubes at the London Central Telegraph Office. 14-05-2013   22-08-2018 The Mix & Genest company Mix & Genest was founded on 1 October 1879 by the businessman Wilhelm Mix and the engineer Werner Genest in Berlin-Schöneberg. 13-05-2013   22-08-2018