Pneumatic Tube Articles about "London"

Pneumatic-Tube Room General Post Office London Descriptive sketch of the transit of telegraphic messages by pneumatic tube system from district offices to the Central Station and more. 18-07-2018   22-08-2018
The pneumatic tube's strange 150-year journey "Tubes have carried cats, mail, and people for a really long time. Vox's Phil Edwards leads the tour..." 08-04-2016   01-08-2018 Pneumatic Tube Mail London Great Britain Interesting sidelights on the work of the G.P.O. Pneumatic tubes at the London Central Telegraph Office. 14-05-2013   22-08-2018 The Mix & Genest company Mix & Genest was founded on 1 October 1879 by the businessman Wilhelm Mix and the engineer Werner Genest in Berlin-Schöneberg. 13-05-2013   22-08-2018