Pneumatic City Mail Hamburg Germany The Pneumatic City Mail in Hamburg was first used at 24 October 1864. In the 1960s is was replaced by the "Großrohrpost". 24-07-2018   01-08-2018
The Berlin Residenz-Casino: the Resi The Resi was the nickname of a vast, luxurious dance-hall called the Residenz-Casino at the Blumenstraße 10 in Berlin, Germany.   08-01-2014   14-07-2018 Hamburger Großrohrpost Patents The German pneumatic tube manufacturer C. Aug. Schmidt & Söhne from Hamburg recorded patents on parts used in the Hamburger Großrohrpost. I have several of these patents in my collection. 24-12-2013   23-07-2018 Unique pneumatic tube photo A nice discovery if I say so myself, I have printed the photo inside a magic lantern slide which I have recently bought on eBay. The photo shows in my eyes a unique scene.   21-12-2013   01-08-2018 The Mix & Genest company Mix & Genest was founded on 1 October 1879 by the businessman Wilhelm Mix and the engineer Werner Genest in Berlin-Schöneberg. 13-05-2013   01-08-2018 Vorsicht Rohrpost-Fahrleitung A warning sign probably coming from a factory or some industrial plant. 05-04-2013   14-07-2018 Books, Die Hamburger Großrohrpost The Hamburger Pneumatic City Mail with large diameter tube. 09-03-2013   06-08-2018 Books, Post und Telegraphie in Wissenschaft und Praxis - Rohrpostanlagen "Rohrposttechnische Steuerungen auf dem Gebiete pneumatischer Fernanlagen" & "Rohrpost Innenanlagen (Neuere konstruktive Entwickelungen der hausrohrposten" 09-03-2013   06-08-2018 Books, Pneumatic City Mail Berlin Germany Postschnelldienst Berlin, Luft-Züge and Die Berliner Stadtrohrpost in der Zeit von 1933 bis 1945. 28-02-2010   06-08-2018