Historical events and legal rights... At BUISPOST.EU I want to educate and entertain people with information about the past, the present and the possible future of the Pneumatic Tube System so that this transport technology is not forgotten. But it is a struggle! Why? 08-07-2018   08-07-2018
Lamson Airtube Systems brochure "Increase production... Through Airtubes it is possible to match paper flow with material flow in the production cycle holding unnecessary down-time to a minimum. Shop orders and administrative instructions keep production workers fully and quickly informed" More in this 8-page Lamson brochure... 26-12-2014   13-07-2018 Grover Transitube brochure "The economy and speed of Grover Transitubes have been more convincingly demonstrated in hospitals than in any other field. Their versatility, reliability and compatibility with hospital procedure have made them a virtually indispensable part of every modern institution." A brochure about Grover Transitube Terminals and more... 25-12-2014   12-07-2018 Grover pneumatic dispatch equipment brochure "There is no magic or mystery about Pneumatic Tube equipment. It is just a matter of straight engineering skill and knowledge; engineering to design equipment that is efficient and troublefree; engineering to plan and lay out systems that best take care of requirements at a reasonable cost; engineering on the job to insure correct installation."More about this 4-page brochure at the next page... 25-12-2014   12-07-2018 Airmatic Systems brochure "Today, AIRMATIC tube systems are dispatching all sorts of important items - written communications, data cards, test samples, small parts, medicines, bulky securities - to and from all parts of office buildings, industrial plants, hospitals, banks, libraries, even steel mills..."You read and see more in this 8-page brochure. 25-12-2014   12-07-2018 Pneumatic city mail in the Netherlands The city mail by means of Pneumatic Tube System, was an important phenomenon at the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The system was used to send large numbers of letters, postcards and small packages through the city. In the Netherlands only Amsterdam and Rotterdam have been mentioned to have had such a facility... 13-01-2014   09-07-2018 The Berlin Residenz-Casino: the Resi The Resi was the nickname of a vast, luxurious dance-hall called the Residenz-Casino at the Blumenstraße 10 in Berlin, Germany.   08-01-2014   14-07-2018 Old SEL pneumatic tube installation Photo's of a 1966 SEL pneumatic tube system: station, carriers, transfer zone and switchboards.   05-01-2014   15-07-2018 Hamburger Großrohrpost Patents The German pneumatic tube manufacturer C. Aug. Schmidt & Söhne from Hamburg recorded patents on parts used in the Hamburger Großrohrpost. I have several of these patents in my collection. 24-12-2013   17-07-2018 Old pneumatic tube advertisements In this article I show you some more old Pneumatic Tube System supplier advertisement and marketing documents.   23-12-2013   16-07-2018 Unique pneumatic tube photo A nice discovery if I say so myself, I have printed the photo inside a magic lantern slide which I have recently bought on eBay. The photo shows in my eyes a unique scene.   21-12-2013   13-07-2018 Pneumatic City Mail Rome Italy Posta Pneumatica Roma Italia 14-12-2013   15-07-2018 Mord per Rohrpost A murder mystery book written in German by Günter Rudorf. 14-05-2013   14-07-2018 The Mix and Genest company The Mix and Genest company from Berlin - Germany. 13-05-2013   17-07-2018 Vorsicht Rohrpost-Fahrleitung A warning sign probably coming from a factory or some industrial plant. 05-04-2013   14-07-2018 100th Anniversary of the Pneumatic City Mail in Paris 11 november 1866 - 11 november 1966, 100 year Pneumatic City Mail in Paris, France. 16-03-2013   17-07-2018 The "petit bleu" and other postcards used in the "Tubes Pneumatiques" in Paris The "petit bleu" and other postcards used in the "Tubes Pneumatiques" in Paris. 16-03-2013   17-07-2018 Italian pneumatic mail stamps In Italy they didn't use specially made envelopes and postcards with pre-printed postage stamps, like in Germany, France and other countries. They had beside the stamps for the regular mail, separate stamps for the transport by Pneumatic Mail! 13-03-2013   15-07-2018 Books, Die Hamburger Großrohrpost The Hamburger Pneumatic City Mail with large diameter tube. 09-03-2013   17-07-2018 Post und Telegraphie in Wissenschaft und Praxis - Rohrpostanlagen "Rohrposttechnische Steuerungen auf dem Gebiete pneumatischer Fernanlagen" & "Rohrpost Innenanlagen (Neuere konstruktive Entwickelungen der hausrohrposten" 09-03-2013   18-07-2018 A new life for the pneumatic tube system The Italian company Pipe§net want to revitalize the pneumatic tube system which was used for the transportation of money and change in department stores. They want to use a magnetic field to let capsules with a diameter of sixty centimeters float and move in a tube system. Franco Cotana, a physics engineer of the University of Perugia, patented the system in 2003. 15-01-2011   16-07-2018 Why a website about Pneumatic Tube Systems? When I tell others about my website, the first reaction is usually, 'Pneumatic Tube System, what's that?', often followed by 'Why precisely do you make a website on Pneumatic Tube Systems...?' 29-12-2010   11-07-2018 Remarkable discovery in the 'De Gruyter' Factory The empire of the supermarket chain 'De Gruyter' in the town of 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands that at its peak had 525 stores and 17 food factories introduced in the fifties the Sweet of the Week: gadgets for the children of the customers. Farewell to a glorious era? No. 14-12-2010   14-07-2018 Old Pneumatic Tube Ads In this article you will find old advertisements of various pneumatic tube suppliers out of newspapers and magazines. Perhaps some companies - whether or not in modified form - still exist. 03-12-2010   16-07-2018 French burglars vacuuming vault empty Paris - Inventive burglars have used a new as effectively as possible method for emptying vaults of stores. In stead of welding machines or explosives the burglars use a powerful vacuum cleaner. 23-09-2010   14-07-2018 Pneumatic Tube TV-Commercial HOW FAR ARE YOU GOING FOR A COLD BEER? Very far. This can be seen in the TV commercial for Heineken. We look into how a couple gives a housewarming barbecue and proudly show their new home. 05-08-2010   15-07-2018 The Pneumatic City Mail all over the world The city mail by means of Pneumatic Tube Systems, was in the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century an important phenomenon. Pneumatic Tube Systems were used in a lot of large cities in the world for the transport of mail. Here you see an overview of these Pneumatic City Mail installations ordered by country. 12-07-2010   17-07-2018 Het Inteli-Tube Pneumatisch Transport Systeem In de 19-eeuw werd de roltrap en een raketschip naar de maan enkel gezien als dwaze wetenschapsfictie, echter het vervoer van mensen via buispost werd niet alleen gezien als echte mogelijkheid, maar als onvermijdelijkheid. Eerst was de technologie om de noodzakelijke druk te produceren niet beschikbaar, maar uiteindelijk had de technische wetenschap deze dromen ingehaald. 12-07-2010   16-07-2018 The Inteli-Tube Pneumatic Transportation System Pneumatic tubes used for transporting physical objects have a long history. The basic principles of pneumatics were stated by the Greek Hero of Alexandria before 100 BC. However, it wasn't until the industrial age that real work was being done on applying pneumatics to transportation. The first pneumatic tube systems were originally proposed in the early Nineteenth century by George Medhurst, a London businessman. 12-07-2010   16-07-2018 De teloorgang van de pneumatische stadspost Onder tal van Europese metropolen liggen wijdvertakte, pneumatische minimetro´s weg te roesten. Ooit waren dat razendsnelle vervoerssystemen met een diameter van zeven centimeter, waarin jaarlijks miljoenen telegrammen, brieven en pakketten heen en weer zoefden.Marten Minkema begrijpt niet waarom de tot op heden onovertroffen stadsbuizenpost is verdwenen en reisde naar Wenen, Berlijn en tenslotte Praag, de enige stad die haar ´potrubni posta´ vooralsnog in ere houdt. 12-07-2010   16-07-2018 Der Untergang der pneumatischen Post Unter einer Vielzahl europëischer Metropolen rosten weitverzweigte, pneumatische Mini-U-Bahnen vor sich hin. Vor etlicher Zeit waren es rasendschnelle Beförderungssysteme mit einem Durchmesser von sieben Zentimetern, worin jëhrlich Millionen Telegramme, Briefe und Pakete hin und her schwirrten.Marten Minkema versteht nicht, warum die bis heute unübertroffene Stadtrohrpost verschwunden ist und reiste nach Wien, Berlin und schließlich nach Prag, die einzige Stadt die ihre "Potrubni Posta" noch in Ehren hëlt. 12-07-2010   16-07-2018 Amphilex 2002 Buizenpost AMPHILEX is a major international philately event that has been organized by the Dutch TPG Post and The Philatelic Foundation. The 2002 event celebrates 150 years of Dutch postage stamps. 29-01-2010   15-07-2018 Book, The Pneumatic Post in Vienna 19-12-2007   17-07-2018