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History Pneumatic Mail


Nowadays Pneumatic Tube Systems are only used for the transport of goods within building complexes, while a century ago the installation was also used for sending mail in dozens of large world cities. Therefore it is a part of the industrial heritage.

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Current use Pneumatic Tube


A Pneumatic Tube System is technical equipment for transporting small goods and materials. Since the use of E-mail the Pneumatic Tube will be hardly used for sending mail. Yet the Pneumatic Tube System is still being applied! But where? And for what?

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Future use of the Pneumatic Tube


Is the Pneumatic Tube System technique useful in the future? Thinking about people and freight transportation, there are new applications to investigate! Some still are dreams, some are already in development.

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Additional Pneumatic Tube Info


What there is more to say or see about the Pneumatic Tube System can be found here.
Links to other websites, names and addresses of suppliers, and more.

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Lamson Airtube Systems brochure

"Increase production...

Throught Airtubes it is possible to match paper flow with material flow in the production cycle holding unnecessary down-time to a minimum. Shop orders and administrative instructions keep production workers fully and quickly informed"

More in this 8-page Lamson brochure...

Grover transitube brochure

"The economy and speed of Grover Transitubes have been more convincingly demonstrated in hospitals than in any other field. Their versatility, reliability and compatability with hospital procedure have made them a virtually indispensable part of every modern institution."

A brochure about Grover transitube terminals and more...

Grover pneumatic dispatch equipment brochure

"There is no magic or mystery about Pneumatic Tube equipment. It is just a matter of straight engineering skill and knowledge; engineering to design equipment that is efficient and troublefree; engineering to plan and lay out systems that best take care of requirements at a reasonable cost; engineering on the job to insure correct installation."
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About the website

The website BUISPOST.EU started out as a hobby collecting everything that has to do with Pneumatic Tube Systems, but it grows into a large online library filled with information and images about the Pneumatic Tube System in the widest sense of the word. BUISPOST.EU is an online or virtual museum

Buispost is the Dutch word for a pneumatic tube system

With the website I want to educate and entertain people with information about the past, the present and the possible future of the Pneumatic Tube System so that this transport technology is not forgotten.

With the site I want to share my collection with others. Certainly not for my own financial gain, but to let others also enjoy it!

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